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About Us

After qualifying in 2011 with a degree in BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Management, with a special interested in companion animal behaviour, welfare and nutrition Becky began to offer dog training and pet care services. Since this time Becky has been attending many courses, workshops and conferences as well as completing an Advanced Diploma in Applied Animal Behaviour (Canine) with Distinction. She joined the APBC as a provisional member (meaning she has the academic qualifications and will go through the process to become a full member). 

Becky is part of the ACE (Animal Centred Education) training programme and is a ACE Associate Tutor and became a member of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter. 

In 2017 Becky joined Puppy School and began teaching the syllabus in puppy classes and took her assessment to become a Register Animal Training instructor on the ABTC register.

More recently she has become a Dog Parkour UK instructor and level 1 evaluator and a scent work instructor with WSDA.

The dog training and behaviour industry is ever changing and evolving. Due to this Becky is regularly attend conferences, seminars and workshops to keep knowledge up-to-date. CPD is important to ensure knowledge and skills are up-to-date but also gives opportunities to connect with other likeminded people and share thoughts and ideas. 

Becky has previously contributed to Total Boarding magazine, writing articles on various dog related matters. This has been a fantastic opportunity and it is great to be able to share knowledge and experiences with others.

Although I have studied to degree level I am always keen to learn new things as it is always possible to learn new information and techniques from both professionals and enthusiasts!

There is always something more to be learnt!

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