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A brief introduction. I qualified in 2011 with a degree in BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Management, with a special interested in companion animal behaviour, welfare and nutrition. Since this time I have been offering pet care alongside dog training and training classes. I joined Puppy School and began teaching the syllabus in puppy classes. I have also taken my assessment to become a Register Animal Training instructor on the ABTC register. As well as this I became a Provisional member of the APBC meaning I have the required academic qualifications and will go through the process to become a full member. I also regularly attend conferences, seminars and workshops to keep my knowledge up-to-date as well as attending regular canine first aid courses to ensure my skills meet the standards. 



I have been working with companion animals since 2008 while I was studying my degree. This gave me a great opportunity to gain a wide range of experience with animals. I began providing dog training and pet care services in early 2011 and have since worked with many dogs, cats, small animals and exotic animals.


From a young age I was interested in animals, particularly their behaviour and welfare. This prompted me to complete a National Diploma in Animal Management through Cannington College after leaving school (2006 – 2008).  This furthered my interest in psychology, animal behaviour, welfare and nutrition.


In 2008 I began working in a kennels and cattery where I cared for the dogs and cats as well as being a grooming assistant. Through this work I gained a great amount of experience with many different breeds of dogs and cats.


In 2008, upon completion of the National Diploma, I studied BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Management with Bournemouth University which I completed in 2011 achieving a 2:1. Over the 3 years I gained an extensive amount of knowledge and experience with many animals and covered a large range of topics including health, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, welfare and behaviour. I was able to carry out projects specifically to observe and analyse behaviour and as a result learning to identify and understand the reasons for the behaviours being carried out.


I became a provisional member of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors)  and am therefore gaining experience before applying for full membership. As a requirement of this I complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) every year which includes attending seminars, conferences and workshops on various topics on companion animals and their behaviour. Over the past few years I was able to volunteer at a rescue centre where I exercised and trained the dogs as well as carried out behavioural assessments.


In recent years I have carried out many other courses on dogs, specifically training and behaviour. Currently I am studying an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Modification. This is a great way to keep up-to-date with the ever changing world of dog training and behaviour.

I joined Puppy School in 2017 and began teaching the Puppy School syllabus to owners and their puppies. I also took my assessment to become a registered training instructor on the ABTC register in 2018.

As well as this I have contributed to Total Boarding magazine where I wrote articles on various dog related matters. This has been a fantastic opportunity and it is great to be able to share knowledge and experiences with others.

Although I have studied to degree level I am always keen to learn new things as it is always possible to learn new information and techniques from both professionals and enthusiasts!

There is always something more to be learnt!

I am happy to discuss my qualifications and experience with you when we meet to discuss your pets needs!

If you are interested in any of the services or would like some more information and to have a chat then please get in touch


Phone: 07815032939

Email: rebecca.k.howe@hotmail.co.uk
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