Pet Care

Pet care for dogs, cats and other animals is available while your at work or away on holiday. I am able to do pop in visits during the day while you are out and it may be possible to arrange overnight care (when available). I am able to do this for dogs, cats and other animals.


Day care for dogs

I can stay with your dogs for anything from an hour to a few hours during the day while you are out. If you are out in the evening then I can sit with your dog in the evening to keep them company, feed, play and walk. Unsociable hours can be arranged and I am happy to arrange this for any time of the day whether that be early in the morning or late in the evening.


Cats and small animals

While you are away or on holiday I can care for your pets on a daily basis. I can provide as many visits per day as required to suit their needs. During the visits, for cats I can feed, provide fresh water, clean trays, play and give your cat some company. For other animals such as fish and small animals I can feed, change water, clean the living areas and provide some company. It’s possible to arrange the visits for your cat’s usual feeding times. I am happy to send you updates while you’re away to let you know how your pets are doing.

Small Holdings

I can look after your small holding while you are away on holiday whether this means regular pop in visits or staying over night. I can carry out daily duties such as letting animals in and out, mucking out, feeding, changing waters etc.



I can occasionally offer a services of overnight pet care where i stay with your dog and pets in your home overnight while you are away. For this I will carry out the usual daily routine of feeding, exercises and play as well as proving company to them throughout the day. 

While you’re away I can give you regular updates via text and email or phone call if you prefer. I understand it is important to hear how your companions are doing to put your mind at rest and allow you to enjoy your holiday!

If any veterinary checks or care is required then I will take your pets to their veterinary surgery to be sure they get the care they require.

Please note:

I'm sorry but I do not provide care for dogs who are alone overnight. I am unable to provide daily feed and exercises to your dog if they are to be left alone overnight while you are away. 

Before any dog walking or pet sitting I will arrange to meet you and your pets beforehand to discuss your pets and ensure you are happy for me to care for them.


I am fully insured for all these services