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Fun Classes and Activities

Puppy Explore Course

This fun 4 week course aims to help with confidence, relationship building and engagement. The course will incorporate ACE techniques including Free Work, Parkour exercises and some simple scent work to support dogs and teach them new skills. 

Dog Parkour Classes

Dog Parkour is a low impact activity suitable for all dogs. The activities are adjusted to suit dogs of all ages and fitness levels to ensure it is suitable and fun for all. Parkour involves teaching different skills which can be beneficial for dogs as part of their daily routine as well as being a great way to build confidence and engagement. 

Skills taught during Parkour include 2 feet on, 4 feet on, getting into something, under, through, side step, balance, back, send away, and many more

Scent Work Classes

Dog's have an incredible sense of smell so why not put it to good use. Dogs loves to sniff and this can be a calming activity which uses a lot of energy. Scent work is appropriate for all dogs and can be a great enriching activity. 

Class times and locations:

Class times - 

Classes are held on Thursday and Sunday afternoons/evenings. Please get in touch for dates. 

Details - 

Puppy Explore is a 4 week class costing £65 for a place
Individual Fun Sessions are £15 a place

Venue - 

Sampford Peverell Village, Lower Town, Sampford Peverell, Tiverton, Devon EX16 7BJ


The village hall can be found in the centre of Sampford Peverell, on the main road through the village. 

Parking can be found on the road outside the hall or in the carpark on the opposite side of the road

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