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Dog walking and drop-in visits

Dog Walks:

Dog walking is carried out on a one to one basis (only dogs from one household will be walked at one time). This means we can concentrate on your dog/s, therefore tailoring the walk to them and give plenty of attention. Walks will be tailored to meet their needs which could be a walk through the fields with time to explore and sniff or could be a more steady wander down the road or through the park for older dogs. If appropriate dogs can be let off the lead during their walks. 

Dogs will be walked in a suitable area near to your home or driven somewhere suitable if required. 

Drop-in visits:

Drop-in visits can be beneficial for puppies who aren't quite ready to go for a walk. during the visit they will be given some time in the garden, provided with food if needed, have their water changed as well as some much needed company and attention!

Drop-in visits can also be beneficial for older dogs who may not need a walk during the day but instead need a chance to go in the garden and have some company

Cat visits:

Visits can be provided for your cats while you are away to check in on them. During the visits they will be provided with company and attention, given fresh food and water, have their litter box changed as well as anything else thats needed. 

All visits can be arranged for a duration that suits you and your animals needs. 

Initial meet and key collection (free of charge) – Dog walking, drop In service and pet sitting


It is essential that all parties are happy and therefore Becky will always meet you and your pets prior to any dog walking or pet sitting. The most important thing is that you and your pets are happy with the arrangement!

By meeting beforehand this gives an opportunity to discuss your pet’s needs and provide any relevant information. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions.

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