Dog Training

Does your dog have some issues your struggling with? Or do you simply want to do some further training with your dog? 
I can help with that! Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment. 

Dog training is also provided on a one to one basis. This means we are able to cover exercises appropriate to you and your dog’s requirements. Most common basic obedience and topics covered during the sessions including:

- Sit

- Down

- Stay

- Leave

- Recalls

- Control around doorways

- Preventing jumping up

- Puppy mouthing and chewing

- Frustration control

- General socialisation


Struggling with a particular problem? We can work on it! These sessions are for dogs of any ages. Although it is ideal that we begin training puppies from a young age, it is certainly possible to teach old dogs new tricks! No dog is too old to learn! The sessions are intended to be fun and informative and can involve your whole family. We can work on a range of obedience task, teach your dog some life skills or simply do some tricks and enrichment to give you some enjoyable things to do with your dog. 


The training methods used are scientifically proven reward based training. This means we will not be using force or aversive techniques which are now considered old fashioned but instead we will use treats, toys and praise. During the session we will use anything your dog is interested in and motivated by so this may include some meaty food, cheese or a tennis ball. The aim is to reward the behaviour we want to see in the future and ignore the behaviour we don’t want. Not all dogs are the same and we will need to discover what motivates your dogs and also tailor the sessions to your individual dog to ensure they are not becoming bored or frustrated. The aim is to make the sessions enjoyable for both you and your dog and give you the skills and techniques to keep your dog safe and allow you to enjoy your time together!

It is important that the training carried out is consistent. It will be great if your whole family can join in to ensure everyone understands how to train your companion in the same way to prevent any confusion.


I have a great deal of experience training many different dog breeds for obedience and trick training. I also have a great deal of experience training dogs in preparation for dog shows. Clicker training is a brilliant way to train your dogs and this can be demonstrated and used in the session.


Depending on the type of training you require, we can either arrange to meet at your home or a suitable area to carry out the training.


Suitable handouts will be given along with detailed notes after the session and continued email and phone support is provided.