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1-1 Sessions

Does your dog have some issues your struggling with?

Or do you simply want to do some further training with your dog? 

It may also be that you would like to better understand your dog or provide them with some enrichment
We can help with that!

If you are looking for for some support with your dogs education and would like a more tailored plan then this is the option for you. These sessions are tailored to your needs with a plan put in place after the session. We can work on specific skills or cover any struggles you may be facing. It will also give an opportunity to better understand your dog and what they are telling you. An idea of things we can cover include:

- Life skills

- Basic obedience

- Confidence building

- ACE techniques (Animal Centred Education)

- Puppy problems

- Fear and anxiety based problems 

- General socialisation

- Cooperative handling

- Enrichment activities 


These sessions are for dogs of any ages. It is often said that 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks' however this is far from the truth. Dogs of all ages are capable of learning and can benefit from training and enrichment activities. No dog is too old to learn! The sessions are intended to be fun and informative and can involve your whole family. We can work on a range of obedience task, teach your dog some life skills or simply provide some enrichment to give you some enjoyable things to do with your dog. 

The training methods used are kind, fair and effective and very much choice based to ensure your dogs education is rewarding. Only scientifically proven reward based training methods are used and all completely force free. During the session we will use a range of reinforcements for your dog which can include food, toys and praise.


To ensure the session is reinforcing and beneficial to your dog they will have choice throughout the session to ensure the experience is enjoyable for them. Your dog will be given plenty of opportunities to rest and take in the learning experience. We want to ensure the dogs remain motivated and don't become bored or frustrated by the training.

We specialise in ACE (Animal Centred Education). We will likely incorporate ACE techniques into your session to ensure your dog gets a valuable learning experience. 

It is important that the training carried out is consistent. It will be great if your whole family can join in to ensure everyone understands how to train your companion in the same way to prevent any confusion.


We have a great deal of experience training many different dog breeds and a wide range of activities. 

Depending on the type of training you require, we can either arrange to meet at your home or a suitable area to carry out the session


A detailed training plan and relevant handouts will be provided as well as continued email and phone support.


Initial 1-1 Training Session

Initial session includes:-              

Initial phone call prior to the session

90 minute session with you

A written training plan sent out after the session

Follow on phone and email support as needed


Initial session cost: £70.00


Additional travel cost may apply, charged at £0.40 per mile (outside of a 5 mile radius of Wellington)

Individual / Follow on Sessions

1 hour session              £40.00

90 minute session        £55.00

(No written plan)

Additional travel cost may apply, charged at £0.40 per mile (outside of a 5 mile radius of Wellington)

Training Package

What's included:

90 minute initial session

3 x 1 hour follow on sessions

Written training plan

Email and phone support

Cost: £170

Additional travel cost may apply, charged at £0.40 per mile (outside a 5 mile radius of Wellington)

Training Walks

Training walks can be booked after having an initial session. During these session we will walk your dog and continue with the training plan. After the walk we will give you feedback and make alterations to the plan as needed. 

These are ideal for those who need some dog care during the working day and would like consistency in their dogs training. 

Please get in touch to discuss availability and costs. 

Behaviour support

Please get in touch to discuss the struggle you are having and for session costs. These sessions are carried out on vet referral with a plan put in place to support you and your dog. 

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