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Perfect Fit Harness

Whether you are having difficulties when walking your dog or you would just like them to be more comfortable when out walking, the Perfect Fit Harness is likely to be a good choice for you.

The Perfect Fit Harness is, as it suggests, designed to be the perfect fit for dogs of all shapes and sizes. The harness comes in 3 pieces of various sizes and is fitted to suit your individual dog. These 3 pieces fit together to create a harnesses made with your dog in mind. This is fleece lined and so is comfy for your dog to wear and doesn't tighten in anyway or cause any discomfort when in use. There are two points of attachment, one on the front and one on the back, meaning you have plenty of control when your out and about. This is especially useful as a management tool for dogs who pulling helping to prevent the unwanted behaviour making both you and your dog more comfortable on the walk. For dogs who pull, this harness can be a great help when used alongside a treatment plan by reducing pulling on a walk between your training sessions.

Another benefit of using a harness like The Perfect Fit is that it helps with your dogs alignment and reduces the likelihood any injuries due to pulling on the lead. Its also great to take the pressure off of your dogs neck particularly with growing puppies and older dogs. They are great for dogs of all shapes and sizes and ages.

If you are interested in these harnesses and would like to have a fitting for your dog or want to know any more information then please get in touch and I will answer your questions and arrange a fitting.

The harness comes in a variety of colours so if you have a particular colour in mind then just let me know and if I don't have it in stock then I will order it for you!

Alternatively if you would like to order a harness yourself or would like more information then visit their website directly by clicking here 

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